Why is NDS an excellent offshoring solution?

Our BPO services via our contact centers in Mexico can provide the solutions you’re searching for.

You would think that outsourcing (as in an outsourcing call center) and offshoring have the same meaning, however, a clear difference exists. The first one refers to hiring services from a third party (provider); while the second term refers to obtaining services from a third party in a different country, according to the Business Dictionary.

In reference to offshoring, the study named 2014 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey, carried out by Deloitte, remarked that Mexico and Brazil were growing opportunities for foreign companies looking to outsource services, as they presented high growth rates in the region.

This placed Mexico in the spotlight, boosted by an excellent geographical location and a competitive variety of human, material, financial and technological resources. This is why we can observe the amount of transnational companies that decided to hire a contact center in Mexico.  

The outsourcing call centers from NextDoor Solutions are strategically positioned for that purpose.

  • Tijuana: located a couple of minutes away from the busiest border in the world (Mexico-United States). This allows direct communication with California. Besides that, it has 500 workstations, as well as bilingual and bicultural personnel.
  • Guadalajara: cradle of high national technology industry and the second most important city of Mexico. Two contact centers can be found there, ready to operate as an infrastructure rental.
  • City of Mexico: is the financial center of the country. NDS operates since 1996 in this metropolitan area, which now has a little over 340 workstations.
  • Durango: its geographical location is strategical to access the markets of North America, European Union and Asia. It is one of the states with the lowest corporate costs.
  • Chihuahua: is a border state that currently generates 3.0 % of the national GDP. It is also known for having a higher percentage of bilingual and bicultural people among other entities within the country.

At any of NDS’s contact centers in Mexico mentioned above, companies can select the BPO services that best suit their needs, such as:

  • Infrastructure Rental
  • Customer Support
  • Direct Sales
  • Web Chat
  • Massive Contact Methods
  • BCP and DRP Attention

These custom-made plans are more than beneficial for businesses, as they are flexible by allowing to hire the BPO services and outsourcing call centers that the companies really need.

Are your interested in outsourcing your company’s call center? Is your business looking for a contact center in Mexico? Get in touch with us at +1(619) 400-4177, via e-mail at info@ndsmexico.com or send a message through our site to quote the custom-made plan that will boost your business.