Nearshore is the new offshore


Leading producer of BPO services

Cost-efficient human capital with a growing population of bilingual IT professionals and many IT hubs.



BPO and call center services in Latin American are a $10 billion industry with 7% annual growth.


Increased revenue

Tax and labor reforms have made the business climate more conducive.


Inflation rate

Mexico is less inflationary than other offshore locations.

Cultural affinity

Well trained, bilingual staff who have lived in the U.S. and are incredibly familiar with American culture.

Why Mexico?


Time-consuming and costly overseas travel; low-rates; subpar customer service; thick accents.


Low rates; high-quality customer service; 100% English-Spanish; Native English accent; day-trip visit.


Low-rates; subpar customer service; non-bilingual; thick accents; minimum 3-day trip visit.

The U.S.

High-rates; uneven customer service; Spanish speakers with a thick American accent.

Benefits of working with Next Door Solutions

Cultural and Language Compatibility

Our cultural compatibility with the U.S. makes for a smoother operation and satisfies your customer’s needs. Our agents are native English speakers with an American accent, which your clients will appreciate.

Proximity to the U.S.

Proximity to the U.S. makes it possible to visit the facility as often as you wish for training and in-person meetings with our operational managers. It’s an easy drive down from Southern California or flight to San Diego.


It is situated in Tijuana’s “Parque Industrial Pacifico,” the outsourcing location of choice for more than 60 companies from around the world. Next Door Solutions’ facility provides state-of-the-art Contact Center technology and up to 100 stations with a flexible operational model.

Save Cost by Outsourcing your Contact Center Operations to Mexico

Lower per/hour costs than U.S.-based companies, and competitive prices with nearshore facilities in Costa Rica and the Philippines. NextDoor Solutions allows you to enjoy the benefits of a highly qualified workforce and cut costs without sacrificing quality.